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First Electric Vehicle Recharing Station Installed at Cardi's Furniture Superstore in Warwick

Published on August 30, 2010


Peter Arpin, Governor Carcieri, the Cardi brothers Nicholas, Ron, and Pete alongside Al Dahlberg unveil RI's first electric vehicle charging station

The state unveiled its first electric charging station at Cardi’s Furniture Superstore in West Warwick, RI on Wednesday in an effort to increase consumer awareness regarding electric vehicles and begin what is hopefully a statewide network of 10,000 electric car refueling stations that could one day reduce reliance on foreign oil.

Al Dahlberg, president of ProjectGetReady RI, hopes to have 30 commitments to build charging stations by January 2011, with the stations installed by December.  Peter Cardi says the company is trying to work ahead of the curve, “The whole picture is: How do you get to that place? This is the start of it.  If you build it, they will come.”

Read the Providence Journal article here

Visit the ProjectGetReady RI website here

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