Rhode Island to Host International Meeting Focused on the New Blue Economy

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Discover Global Markets:  The Blue Economy, will convene over 300 business and government leaders September 20 – 22, 2022 from around the globe this September in Rhode Island to discuss the new age in ocean technology, sustainability and logistics.

As the nation’s Ocean State, Rhode Island’s economic future is bright blue.   The Rhode Island Blue Economy Technology Cluster (RIBETC) is spearheading a new Blue Economy that will establish RI and Southern New England as the leading global center of the Blue Economy with equity and sustainability at its core. RI BETC builds upon existing regional, national, and global assets and is backed by a consortium of industry, government, philanthropic, non-profit, and academic partners. RI’s Blue Economy spans seven industries: ports and shipping, defense, marine trades, ocean-based renewables, aquaculture, fisheries, and tourism and recreation.

According to the Rhode Island Science & Technology Council’s 2021 Update to the Rhode Island Science and Technology Plan, Marine Science is a dominant sector for the state:

As an ocean state with 400 miles of coast and an abundance of S&T marine resources, Marine Sciences and its S&T efforts remain a constant strength for RI. Marine research and businesses have focused on climate change solutions, mitigation of contaminants from land to sea, and marine/deep sea technologies, such as underwater vessels, deep sea camera systems and versatile sensors. RI’s marine assets and scientific community, including the U.S. Navy’s premiere undersea warfare R&D center, could position the State to take a leadership role in the Blue Economy, which draws on marine assets to drive economic development while preserving and regenerating the ocean ecosystem.

The University of Rhode Island, with its renown Narragansett Bay Campus has long been a leader in ocean and coastal science research.  President Marc Parlange in a recent interview stated he hopes to lead the University into a new era, one focused on further developing the Blue Economy.  He aims for the Bay Campus to become a hub of innovation, where students will work closely with start-up companies to create new technologies for ocean-related industries.

The Blue Economy is also a key sector identified by the Rhode Island Commerce Corporation:

This is an area where Rhode Island has long dominated. The state is home to a wide range of maritime industries, including boat building and servicing; home to the largest independent steamship agency in North America; defense-related ship and submarine building; development of advanced materials and component boat/ship systems; ocean sciences and engineering; marine tourism; and the preservation of coastal communities and environments. A highly integrated maritime economy that encompasses manufacturing and research reinforces the competitive advantages of the Ocean State.

Discover Global Markets is the U.S. Department of Commerce’s flagship event series for U.S. exporters, bringing international buyers, foreign ministries, and U.S. commercial diplomats all to one location where companies can learn about market opportunities, the project pipeline and how to operationalize a strategy to generate increased export business.