Thomas Rockett, Ph.D.Former Vice Provost for Research and Graduate Studies, URI

    Dr. Rockett received his doctorate degree from The Ohio State University after undergraduate studies at Tufts University and Master’s work at Boston College. Following a four-year stint at the Wright- Patterson Air Force Aerospace laboratories, he worked for Monsanto Corp on biomaterials. He carried those interests to the American Hospital Supply Corp (now Baxter American) where he became assistant research director and was involved in the design and development of several new products.

    His academic career included positions as visiting Professor of Biomaterials at the University of Florida and the University of Rhode Island where he held the posts of Professor of Engineering, Chair of Chemical Engineering and Vice-Provost for Research and Graduate Studies. Dr. Rockett is the author of over 80 technical articles, technical reports and patents. He is currently a professor emeritus, a vice-provost emeritus, a consultant and a freelance writer on technical subjects.