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Dear Friends,

We are pleased to share with you a Science and Technology Strategic Plan for Rhode Island: Accelerating Innovation Through Collaboration in the Ocean State. The Plan identifies three science and technology core sectors that are strong in Rhode Island and for which we have the potential to build world class R&D stature and establish economic vitality. It also identifies a combination of complementary assets in Rhode Island that enhance and boost these sectors. Finally, it sets forth a set of specific actions that lays the foundation for economic growth by encouraging cooperation and building partnerships at our universities and colleges, hospitals, governmental agencies and the private sector.

It is vital that we work together, building on our strengths and leveraging our distinct resources so that Rhode Island is positioned to take full advantage of the next wave of technology-powered growth and job creation. Solutions to the many complex problems facing our world will increasingly be found at the convergence of multiple disciplines, making collaboration the key to tackling diverse challenges from climate change to clean energy to personalized medicine. Supporting collaborative research and development in our areas of core expertise must be embraced as an economic development priority. Timely, targeted and transformative investments which build on our strengths, efficiently utilize state and federal R&D funds and accelerate the transfer of discovery into the marketplace are key to long term economic security and job growth. By working together, we can expand opportunities for growth among our key partners.

This plan is a living document, to be updated as new expertise and resources develop. We thank everyone who participated in helping inform and shape this plan, and look forward to continuing to work together to position Rhode Island as a leader in collaborative research and innovation.


Clyde Briant, Co-Chair
Peter Alfonso, Co-Chair

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