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Research & Development

More than 20,000 people are employed in R&D-related positions in Rhode Island, 118 companies are directly engaged in R&D pursuits, and there are dozens of academic and healthcare institutions engaged in research activity. In addition to creating high-wage jobs and spurring new company creation, these organizations educate the state's next generation of scientists and engineers.

The Rhode Island Research Alliance

STAC created the RI Research Alliance in 2007 to create a statewide platform to promote collaboration across the state’s research organizations, increase our competitiveness for federal funding and support efforts such as the EPSCoR, COBRE and INBRE networks.

The Alliance's first initiative was the creation of the Collaborative Grants program to support catalytic, inter-organizational collaborative research projects that are well positioned to attract substantial follow-on investment and have significant potential for technology development and commercialization.

In 2008, STAC expanded the Alliance. With catalytic investments from Brown University and the University of Rhode Island, the Alliance has embarked on a new effort to assess collaborative research opportunities, begin assisting with the preparation of collaborative proposals to major funding agencies such as the NSF and NIH and support the development and marketing of joint and shared laboratory facilities.

Supporting the RI EPSCoR Program

STAC is the official oversight body of the the Rhode Island Experimental Program to Stimulate Competitive Research (RI EPSCoR) program. EPSCoR builds partnerships between state government, academic institutions, and businesses to effect lasting improvements in infrastructure and increase national R&D competitiveness.

EPSCoR works to stimulate sustainable improvements in the quality of academic science and technology infrastructure in states that receive .7% or less of total NSF research funds averaged over a three-year period. The ultimate result of these investments is to build a foundation for economic growth based on the state's science and technology resources. more…

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