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Important Winter Storm Juno Update

Published on January 27, 2015

Commerce Secretary Nominee Stefan Pryor has asked that this Storm Update be shared with members of the STAC community.  Please let us know if Secretary Nominee Pryor or STAC can be of help to you regarding any issues your business may be experiencing. Mr. Pryor welcomes your input and inquiries.  


Storm Update as of 12:38 p.m. On Tuesday, January 27

We are expecting additional heavy snow throughout the afternoon, and for snow to continue until approx 10 pm.  The National Weather Service has extended the blizzard warning until 8 pm.

The travel ban remains in place because driving remains very unsafe.

Arterial roads remain snow covered, even as RIDOT crews are working continuously.

Side streets, intersections, and on ramps remain very problematic.

Because of the snow and wind, visibility is extremely poor on the roads.

A 6-wheel RIDOT vehicle turned over while clearing roads today (the driver is safe and the vehicle is back on the road).

Governor Raimondo has extended the closure of state government until 10 pm tonight.  Throughout the remainder of the day, the Governor will evaluate whether the need exists to extend the closure further.  

Col. O'Donnell, Gen. McBride, Dir. Lewis and Dir. Gaynor all are recommending that the travel ban remain in place -- this is to protect citizens, protect first responders, and enable plows to do their jobs.  Municipal leaders are also urging the Governor to keep the travel ban in place.  The Governor will continue to evaluate the travel ban, and will lift it when it is safe to do so.

There are currently 682 households without power.



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