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Harnessing Innovation Included in Commerce RI Economic Action Plan

Published on May 23, 2014

What are Rhode Island's strengths? What are our competitive advantages? What are our long-term challenges? What are some actionable strategies for economic growth in our state?

A new plan, Actions for Economic Development in Rhode Island issued by the RI Commerce Corporation  this week outlines answers to those questions and includes a number of efforts centered on  harnessing the power of innovation  This plan will be presented to the next Governor and will also be used to support the state's RhodeMap RI planning process.

The plan represents the smart thinking of many of our state's employers, employees, innovators, entrepreneurs, industry leaders and workforce - the 300 or so who gathered with Commerce RI over several months to talk about our local challenges, analyze industry trends and global impacts, and more so, agree on our opportunities to thrive.

"Building on our competitive advantages, Rhode Island is well positioned for growth" said Commerce RI Executive Director and STAC member Marcel Valois. "This economic development plan focuses on not just great ideas, but real strategic actions that will allow Rhode Island to establish a churning economy to fuel ongoing growth into the next decade."


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