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New Web Portal Showcases Providence as Start-Up Hub

Published on May 30, 2013

Rhode Island and Providence have a new tool for showcasing the area as the hottest start-up community in the Boston Region - www.entrepreneurprovidenceri.com.   Created by the Greater Providence Chamber of Commerce, the site is designed specifically to support the development of high growth firms by providing key information on resources, educational opportunities, funding sources, and overall connectivity in and around Providence. Deep with data about Rhode Island, its idea makers, its knowledge assets and its entrepreneurial ecosystem, the site serves as an important connection point for the individuals, organizations and institutions driving knowledge development locally.

"Entrepreneurs have a great ability to see new, expanding and innovative markets, create jobs, contribute to the tax base," said Chamber President Laurie White. "We see a real value in innovative ideas and want to make sure that those who work to create successful businesses around those ideas have the tools and knowledge to be successful. This site is the private sector investing in and supporting economic development around entrepreneurship."

The site is also a critical tool in expanding Rhode Island's innovation market. Only 50 miles south of Boston, Providence is fast becoming an increasingly integral part of the Greater Boston regional economy. Many local entrepreneurs talk about Providence being the "hottest start-up community in the Greater Boston region," where launching a venture can be faster and easier because of the state's small size, networks and expertise.   "Rhode Island, and Providence, has an entrepreneurial mindset. We need to shout this idea from the rooftops," said Chamber President Laurie White. "I truly believe this site will create a stickiness that will bring more idea makers to our door."


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