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Special Edition of 'The Current' Features Narragansett Bay

Published on July 25, 2012

Narragansett Bay is more than an estuary of national significance. Over two million people in 100 cities and towns live in the 1700-mile square area that makes up the Bay's watershed. While the local importance of the Bay might not be news to Rhode Islanders, the role it plays in the health of not just our state but also the world ecosystem, could certainly come as a surprise to many.

The most recent edition of RI NSF EPSCoR's magazine, The Current, looks into how local scientists are using decades of data taken from the waters of the Bay to learn more about worldwide climate change, how the RI NSF EPSCoR Academy is introducing school children to the wonders of marine life and where marine scientists can access unique flowing seawater facilities for their work.

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