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RI Design Firm Tellart Brings Internet to Life at London Science Museum

Published on July 19, 2012

Working with Google Creative Labs, Providence-based Tellart has launched Web Lab, a groundbreaking, year-long exhibition featuring a series of interactive Chrome Experiments that bring the extraordinary workings of the internet to life.

Visitors to the museum, as well as those using an online portal, can interact with the installations and play with:

  • An internet-powered, eight piece orchestra creating harmonious music
  • Custom-built robots able to take photographs and then sketch them in sand
  • A tool to trace where the world's online information is physically stored
  • A series of periscopes through which visitors can access places around the world
  • A visualization of all Web Lab visitors that groups and categorizes participants in incredible ways 

From the definition of the user experience, to the aluminum joints of the sand drawing robots, to custom circuit boards and hundreds of thousands of lines of code,
Tellart conceptualized and engineered Web Lab's five physical experiment groups.  Design and construction began in the firm's Rhode Island workshops, and continued through to installation and testing in Science Museum.

"Every project Tellart does involves connecting physical things and the internet. We believe that the networks that connect objects and architecture
and the data that flow through them are as much a part of their form as their physical shape. Web Lab is the ultimate example of this in our work to
date," according to Matt Cottam, a native Rhode Islander and founder and CEO of Tellart.

View a video of the project and learn more about Tellart here.


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