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Rhode Island Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship Launched

Published on April 28, 2009

Rhode Island innovators and entrepreneurs now have a central location to access the collaboration, support and expertise they need to transfer ideas into successful enterprises.  The new Rhode Island Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (RI-CIE) is part of a multiagency effort to grow new jobs and businesses in Rhode Island by establishing a resource-rich environment for honing ideas, pursing professional development and exploring innovative business opportunities. Launched as joint venture between the RI Economic Development Corporation and Brown University, RI-CIE has received additional seed money from STAC and the Slater Technology Fund.  Creation of the Center was one of STAC‚??s three priority recommendations contained in its 2009 Annual Report to state leadership.   

At the Center, scientists, engineers and innovators will be able to select from a wide range of programs that connect them with the resources they need to commercialize their concepts and build successful companies that will generate jobs, create wealth and accelerate Rhode Island‚??s knowledge economy.  The Center provides the physical focal point, the conceptual inspiration and networking opportunities that will bring key people together and create launch-pad conversations for new business initiatives.

Strengthening Providence‚??s entrepreneurial platform and creating a city and region that is friendly to innovation was identified by the Greater Providence Chamber of Commerce‚??s recent Knowledge-Based Economy study as critical if Rhode Island is to develop a more robust economy, talented workforce, brand identity and a deeper ‚??bench‚?Ě of civic leaders and funders upon which the region can depend.

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