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STAC Launches Comprehensive Searchable Database for Federal Funding Opportunities

Published on April 20, 2009

The Rhode Island Science and Technology Advisory Council (STAC) has expanded its website to assist science and technology researchers and enterprises in pursuing stimulus funding opportunities.

The website, which STAC shares and operates in cooperation with Rhode Island National Science Foundation‚??s Experimental Program to Stimulate Competitive Research (EPSCoR), now provides a searchable database of emerging federal funding opportunities to assist Rhode Island researchers in tracking and applying for $21.5 billion in competitive stimulus R&D funding being offered by federal agencies. News updates on how and when funding will be distributed and listed daily.

"Federal stimulus funding opportunities are many and rapidly emerging, and knowing what‚??s happening is a big job," said STAC co-chairman Jeff Seemann, dean of the University of Rhode Island‚??s College of the Environment and Life Sciences. "STAC is please to put this website together and maintain it as a part of the public service it performs in supporting the growth of science and technology in Rhode Island."

Within this website, researchers and the public can find a list and brief description of available funding opportunities by browsing the new funding opportunities page for the most recently posted grant and news alerts. A more detailed description of each opportunity, including eligibility criteria, key dates, funding numbers and links to full proposal requests and applications are available.

In the coming weeks, federal agencies will also be issuing regulations and policy alerts detailing how and when funding will be distributed. To keep Rhode Islanders updated on these important alerts, the website will also post alerts that are relevant to the big picture of federal funding in science and technology.

"This is just the sort of thing STAC should be doing in serving Rhode Island‚??s research and entrepreneurial community," said STAC co-chairman Clyde Briant, vice president for research at Brown University. "Collaboration is key and is only enhanced by sharing knowledge."

STAC was established by law in 2005 to recommend strategic investments to state leadership that drive economic development and job creation by maximizing the economic impact of research, technology and innovation. STAC initiatives support the state‚??s research and development activity and promote collaboration across institutions, encourage entrepreneurship and new company creation through the transfer of new technologies and discoveries into the marketplace, and create an environment that enables innovation to flourish.

"Attracting federal research dollars into the state is an important economic development strategy for Rhode Island," said J. Michael Saul, interim executive director of the Rhode Island Economic Development Corporation. "The new administration has indicated that it will make science and technology enterprise a major component of the rejuvenation of the U.S. economy ‚?? an opportunity for Rhode Island to capture a larger share of research and development dollars. The extension of the STAC website to include comprehensive information on the federal stimulus dollars is exceptionally timely."

The new funding opportunities content is edited and maintained by Daniel Carrigg of the Rhode Island NSF EPSCoR office.

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