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RI EPSCoR Congratulates 2008-9 Academy Graduate Fellows

Published on May 12, 2008

The RI NSF EPSCoR Academy would like to congratulate our 2008-2009 graduate fellows!

Brown University 2008-2009 Student Awards

Breann Brown - Molecular Pharmacology & Physiology
Mentor: Rebecca Page, Assistant Professor of Biology (MCB)
Project: The SPAR PDZ Domain: A Model of PDZ Domain Function and Diversity

Patrick Flight - Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Mentor: David Rand, PhD, Professor of Biology (EEB)
Project: Selective pressures of Intertidal microhabitants shape genetic patterns in the acorn barnacle (semibalanus balanoides)

James Vecchione - Chemistry
Mentor: Jason Sello, PhD; Assistant Professor of Chemistry
Project: Genome - Wide Transcriptomic and Proteomic Analysis of Antibiotic Resistance in Streptomyces coelicolor

Celina Juliano - Molecular Biology, Cell Biology, and Biochemistry
Mentor: Gary Wessell, PhD; Professor of Biology (MCB)
Project: Stem Cell Formation in the Sea Urchin Stronglyocentrotus purpuratus

Zhijun Jiang - Physics
Mentor: Derek Stein, PhD, Assistant Professor of Physics
Project: Probing the Sequence of Single DNA Molecules Using Solid-State Nanopores, Binding Proteins, and Optical Tweezers

University of Rhode Island 2008-2009 Student Awards

Shelley M. Brown - Cell and Molecular Biology
Mentor: Bethany Jenkins, ADVANCE Assistant Professor of Biology (CMB)
Project: Elucidating Controls on Estuarine Sediment N. Cycling Process Using Gene Activity & Flux Measurements

Jason R. Graff - Oceanography
Mentor: Jan Rines, Professor in Residence of Oceanography
Project: Monitoring the response of marine bacteria to microalgal exudates using microfluidic tech: Is the colonization of phytoplankton by bacteria controlled through algal exudate chemistry?

Peng Li - Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mathematics
Mentor: Mohammad Faghri
Project: Development of a Portable Fluorescence Immunosensor for Detection of Staphylococcal Enterotoxin A with Enhanced Sensitivity

Amy E. Maas - Biological Sciences
Mentor: Brad Seibel, Assistant Professor of Biology (BIO)
Project: Effects of chronic low level CO2 stress of pelagic organisms

Christopher Piecuch - Oceanography
Mentor: Tatiana Rynearson, ADVANCE Assistant Professor of Oceanography
Project: Genetic pathways: role of physical transport mechanisms in determining the biogeography of planktonic marine diatoms in the NA current

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