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Innovation depends on an environment that links a pipeline of ideas and talent with the creativity that can transfer discoveries and knowledge into products with value in a marketplace.

Rhode Island has that environment. As the birthplace of the American Industrial Revolution, we have a long legacy of turning ideas and knowledge into products. And today, with a dense concentration of science and technology assets and a hyper-connectivity of people and communities spanning higher education, industry, finance, government and the arts that is second to none, we are well situated to continue our tradition of innovation.

The RI Innovation Index is a joint project by the RI Science and Technology Advisory Council and the Greater Providence Chamber of Commerce to benchmark and track Rhode Island's knowledge enterprise and innovation capacity. The data from the Index provides a picture of our innovation capacity and allows us to strategically identify and support initiatives that will insure RI continues to be a major hub of innovation.

Please take some time to explore other pages in this section to learn more about the people, institutions and companies in Rhode Island that make us one of the nation's most innovative states.

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Innovation depends on an environment rich in talent, capital and ideas that can create new products for world markets. See how RI performs in 23 key indicators of an Innovation Economy.

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