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Funding Mechanisms

Research Infrastructure Improvement Grant (RII)

NSF EPSCoR Research Infrastructure Improvement (RII) grants provide support for lasting improvements in a jurisdiction's academic research infrastructure and national competitiveness. Each RII grant runs for 36 or 48 months and provides up to $9 million to support infrastructure improvements in science and technology areas designated by the applying jurisdiction's EPSCoR governing committee as being critical to future R&D competitiveness. Jurisdictions with current RII grants are not eligible to receive a second award during the 36- or 48-month period following the effective date of the current award. RI EPSCoR was awarded its first RII grant in May 2006. For more information on NSF's RII grants, please visit the NSF website.

NSF Co-Funding

Co-funding is intended to "accelerate the movement of EPSCoR researchers and institutions into the mainstream of NSF support." Co-funding is not a program to which researchers submit proposals, but rather is an internal NSF process that does not require any action on the part of the investigators. Proposals submitted by investigators from EPSCoR jurisdictions to any of NSF's ongoing programs that, as the result of the program's review process are deemed meritorious but do not meet the cut off for funding, are eligible for joint funding by the NSF EPSCoR Office. Recommendations for joint funding are made by the Program Officer of the research area to the NSF EPSCoR Office. For more information on co-funding, please visit the NSF website.

NSF Outreach

This program provides networking opportunities for researchers from EPSCoR jurisdictions. It is intended to increase contact between the NSF and EPSCoR researchers in order to improve the number of quality proposals submitted to the NSF. Outreach is for the sole purpose of sharing information on NSF programs, policies and procedures. For more information on NSF Outreach, please call the EPSCoR office at 401-874-2481.

Other Funding Opportunities

In addition to direct funding from the NSF, six other federal agencies have funding mechanisms to support EPSCoR jurisdictions. The DOD, DOE, EPA, NASA, NIH and the USDA have unique criteria for considering proposals from EPSCoR jurisdictions.



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