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Managed Facilities

Rhode Island NSF EPSCoR Genomics Center

The Rhode Island Genomics and Sequencing Center (RIGSC) was established to provide technical and analytical support for molecular biology and genomics research at the University of Rhode Island and all RI EPSCoR institutions. The mission of the RIGSC is to facilitate interdisciplinary genomics research and undergraduate and graduate student training opportunities by providing researchers access to cutting-edge technologies in the field of genomics.

Rhode Island NSF EPSCoRProteomics Center

The NSF/EPSCoR Proteomics Core Facility shall have a broadly-inclusive philosophy to ensure rapid and equal access to the facility's services for the entire Rhode Island research community. In addition to the acquisition of instrumentation, the NSF/EPSCoR Proteomics Core Facility will undertake the training of research in emerging proteomic techniques, a component that is essential to maintaining a productive and professional level of service.

Rhode Island NSF EPSCoR Marine Science Research Facility 

The complex of Marine Science Research Facilities with flow-through seawater at URI are the Ann Gall Durbin Marine Research Aquarium; the “Ark” Annex to the Aquarium; the Luther Blount Aquaculture Laboratory; the Eel Grass Research Facility; the Marine Ecosystems Research Laboratory; and the Seawater Pump House that provides flowing seawater to the entire complex.

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