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Grant Awardees

Past and present Collaborative Research Grant awardees.

2016 Grant Awardees

2016 Grant Awardees

In January, nine interdisciplinary research teams were selected to receive funding, totaling $797,772, from the Science & Technology Advisory Council (STAC). Research projects directly address the RI NSF EPSCoR proposed program themes of Assessment and Impacts, Visualization and Imaging; and Forecasting and Management.

2015 Grant Awardees

January 2015 Grant Awardees

The awards, totaling $814,042 will fund six multi-disciplinary teams bringing together deep expertise in oceanography, supercomputing, environmental conservation, genetics, toxicology, and aquatic pathology to examine how marine life in Narragansett Bay is responding to climate change. Data from these projects will lead to improved strategies for fisheries and aquaculture management, new tools for monitoring ecological change, and a 3D modeling system for coastal waterways that can enhance risk assessment, infrastructure planning and tracking of toxic spills.

2014 Grant Awardees

July 2014 Grant Awardees

The 2014 Research Alliance awards announced in July, totaling $445,092, will support of six projects, representing 15 scientists from small businesses, research universities and hospitals across Rhode Island. The program is designed to advance research projects that are collaborative across institutions, well positioned to receive follow-on funding and with significant technology development and commercialization potential. Award recipients include academic and industry scientists pursuing research in medicine, cyber security, engineering, chemistry and pharmaceutical sciences.

April 2014 Grant Awardees

The 2014 Research Alliance awards, announced in April, totaling $806,501 will fund seven diverse teams bringing together deep expertise in the natural and social sciences as well as the arts and environmental conservation to study how marine plant and animal life are responding to climate change in Narragansett Bay. Data from these projects will lead to improved strategies for fisheries and aquaculture management, better understanding of how to predict harmful algal blooms and the development of communications tools to engage and inform the public on the localized effects of climate change.

2013 Grant Awardees

The 2013 Research Alliance awardees represent 18 scientists from 5 research organizations pursuing projects that support of STAC's partnership with the National Science Foundation's (NSF) Experimental Program to Stimulate Competitive Research (EPSCoR) and address the three research questions related to RINSF EPSCoR: What are the impacts of climate change on marine life?

2012 Grant Awardees

The 2012 Research Alliance awardees represent 20 scientists from 8 research organizations pursuing projects in marine life sciences, nanotechnologies and medical device development.

2011 Grant Awardees

The 2011 Research Alliance awards.

2010 Grant Awardees

The 2010 Research Alliance awards represent 18 scientists from 8 research organizations pursuing projects in disease prevention, pharmacotherapy, renewable energy and engineering.

2009 Grant Awardees

The 2009 Research Alliance awards represent 23 scientists from 10 research organizations pursuing projects in renewable energy, medicine, engineering, biology, chemistry, pharmacology and environmental science.

2008 Grant Awardees

In 2008, the awards support nine projects, representing 24 scientists from 14 research organizations across Rhode Island.

2007 Grant Awardees

Award recipients included academic and industrial scientists pursing projects in medicine, engineering, chemistry, biology, oceanography and environmental science.

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