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RI Research Alliance 2014 Collaborative Research Grant Awards

Call for Proposals: December 2013

Approximately $450,000 in competitive funding is offered to provide seed grants to promising inter-organizational research projects that have significant potential to:

  1. commercialize or license intellectual property;
  2. attract and leverage follow-on funding from federal or private sources;
  3. develop private sector partnerships; or
  4. create new ventures or new product lines.

This funding from STAC provides a mechanism for teams of individuals to work together on important and promising research projects across Rhode Island's research colleges and universities, research hospitals, corporations and government agencies. Proposals must clearly show how the combined efforts of the investigators can lead to results that could not be achieved by either alone. These grants require one Principal Investigator and one Co-PI. Additional unfunded collaborators may be included.

Rhode Island research institutions, including higher education, academic, medical or business and government organizations, may form teams to apply for grant funding. Project teams must be collaborative in nature and include investigators from at least two distinct entities. Each collaborative team shall include at least one Rhode Island institution of higher education or hospital. A University/College or a collaborating academic-medical partner must serve as the prime grantee. Grant recipients are limited to Rhode Island based institutions.

The maximum amount of any given award is $75,000. Proposers should request only the amount they believe is absolutely required for the project and the expectations for the project will be considered along with the budget amount. No indirect costs will be allowed for these seed grants. Direct costs may be used to cover supplies, essential equipment, travel, and personnel costs for graduate and undergraduate students, postdoctoral fellows and technicians. No faculty salaries will be allowed.

All applicants are required to submit an electronic copy of a preliminary proposal by January 23, 2014. Preliminary proposals will be reviewed for eligibility and suitability to the program's objectives. An electronic copy of an invited full proposal is due by March 20, 2014.

For any questions regarding the grant guidelines, please contact Christine M.B. Smith by email at csmith@riedc.com or by telephone at 401-278-9197.

More info: Download the Collaborative Research Grant Award Guidelines (December 2013)


Call for Proposals:  August 2013

Approximately $800,000 in competitive funding is offered in support of STAC's partnership in Rhode Island's Cooperative Agreement with the National Science Foundation's (NSF) Experimental Program to Stimulate Competitive Research (EPSCoR). The overarching question of this agreement is "What are the impacts of climate change on marine life?" Proposals are eligible that address any of the three EPSCoR research questions:

  • What are the stress responses and evolutionary potentials of marine organisms in response to climate change?,
  • How are the structure and function of coastal marine food-webs and biogeochemical cycling being redirected in response to climate change?, and
  • How will global climate change affect the ecology of marine pathogens and parasites?

Proposals are preferred if they include use of Core Facilities in Proteomics, Genomics & Sequencing (at Brown and URI) and in Marine Life Sciences (URI, Bay Campus).

Through this call for proposals, the Rhode Island Science and Technology Advisory Council (STAC) will award funding to scientific research projects that promote inter-organizational, inter-disciplinary collaboration across Rhode Island public and private research institutions and expand the state's research infrastructure. Successfully funded proposals will be extremely well-organized and constructed activities that are catalytic in nature, submitted by an experienced and competitive team that can accomplish together what no team member can accomplish alone, provide a clearly identified plan for follow-on funding or commercialization with an outstanding potential to increase research capacity and infrastructure.

Pre-proposals are due September 27, 2013 and should be emailed to the Rhode Island Research Alliance at RIResearchAlliance@riedc.com. The subject line should read: Last name, First name, Pre-Proposal (i.e. Smith, Christine, Pre-Proposal).

Full proposals are due October 30, 2013 at 4:30pm ET and must be submitted through our online submission tool.  Instructions on how to use this tool will be provided to proposers who are invited to submit.

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